January 6th, 2021 will forever be a tainted and disgraceful day in our history books.

Photo by Alejandro Barba on Unsplash

This is inexcusable. Let me start with the basics of how a county can fall on its knees — the moment a nation begins to rip apart its’ own democratic process, begins to discredit Freedom of the Press, have a leader in power who aspires to instill their fear-mongering agenda is all it takes to bring down one of the richest countries in the world.

Donald Trump broke a nation.

Fake News. Radical Left. Make America Great Again. Blue Lives Matter.

The spew of propaganda and lies from Donald Trump and Fox News grew exponentially out of hand to the…

Let me explain how I’m living in two very different societies and neither of them fully accept me.

Stuck Between Two Worlds is a very relatable term for many First-Generation Americans. | Unsplash.com

Being born as a first-generation American carries both rewards and struggles when it comes to our experiences. I have never been more torn apart about my identity but as the years go by I’ve come to accept that I must create this unique space for myself where I can find a perfect balance of my two worlds.

As a young child, your parents are the main contributors to what and to who you will be exposed to. Both my parents came from…

It was no surprise that Apple put their best foot forward and provided some major upgrades to their new iPhone 12 lineup.

iPhone 12 Pro specs and features that were announced at today’s Apple Event. | Photo by Apple

The Apple Event started with their latest HomePod mini. It’s an elegant, smart speaker with improved Siri accuracy. The new smart speaker is now competing with smaller smart speakers such as Google Home and Amazon Echo devices.

The starting price tag will begin at $99, offering a truly immersive experience with your other Apple product devices. The smart speaker will come with Apple’s new S5 chip known for their computational audio and intelligent assistant.

We’re only hours away from Apple’s virtual event, in which they will announce their latest and most innovative iPhone to date.

Apple Event Official Invitation | Photo by Apple

The event will take place on October 13th, 2020 at 10 a.m. PST or 1 p.m. EST. You can watch their live stream on Apple’s website. For the average tech enthusiast, many of you have already seen rumors online of four different phones that will allegedly be announced tomorrow. But which one will be right for you?

iPhone 12 mini — Affordable & Small

That’s right, Apple will bring out an entirely new iPhone line called ‘mini.’ The phone will feature a 5.4-inch screen, it’ll support…

Apple recently launched its new iPad line-up this month with upgraded specs, new hardware designs with some surprisingly affordable prices. But with all of these new choices which one works best for your day-to-day usage?

I’ll be helping you break it all down and help you make a purchasing decision!

Apple unveils all-new Fall 2020 iPad line-up during their virtual Apple Event | Photo by Apple

Listen before we begin I would like to say if you have recently purchased the latest iPad Pro 11-inch there are still some exclusive features only on these devices like Face ID, the 120Hz refresh rate screen, ProMotion, and a LiDAR sensor that aren’t provided on the iPad Air.


Netflix’s new six-part documentary series, Immigration Nation, provides an insider look to the intricacy system of our U.S. Customs Border Protection and the outcome of their deterrent strategies.

‘Immigration Nation’ new Netflix’s series demonstrating the atrocities of Immigration Customs Enforcement. Netflix

The six-hour series encompasses the perspectives of border security enforcement officers, the constraints of being an asylum refugee immigrant, the continually battles activist members must fight for human rights of undocumented immigrants, and the several thousands of immigrants leaving their countries to seek safety under the United States of America.

Before diving into the complexities of the discussion, we must refer back to the U.S. immigration timeline where many restrictions were beginning…

You no longer need to wait for a train, subway, bus, or an Uber.

Photo: Charl Folscher/Unslash

The cost to commute in New York City takes a hefty toll on ones’ expense budget. As I recently graduated from college and obtained my first media industry remote job, I realize how much money I began to save during quarantine.

Commuting from New Jersey to New York City is tremendously cheaper than paying for an apartment however the cost for a monthly NJ Transit pass, Metro Card swipes, Ubers/Lyfts, etc. does add to your monthly expenses.

Before quarantine, I was an intern at MSNBC making $15 an hour, New York City’s minimum wage, and I typically worked a 20–24…

Using the skills and knowledge I’ve gained from college and make the most out of it.

Unsplash | Photo taken by Micheile Henderson

The technological advantages have opened up the potential for many people to formulate multiple streams of income from their own homes. The options and possibilities are endless!

From creating your own passionate start-up business, selling items on Etsy, eBay, Facebook Marketplace, and so forth. Investing in stock, constructing your courses and selling your knowledge in a particular skill-set, and starting your brand as an influencer via social media platforms.

The opportunities provided via our internet connection can open a plethora of doors and connections…

Have you ever needed to translate an important legal school document for your parents as a child? Well, it looks like you’re a first-generation student.

Carly Henriquez, first to graduate college from her family | Photo taken by Sunah E. Choudhry

My parents migrated from El Salvador after their civil war that perpetuated the financial poverty for many of their citizens. For my father, he was one of the oldest siblings who needed to provide for his eleven siblings and parents. For my mother, she had no financial funds to attend high school due to her family’s circumstances. Both had to provide the necessities for their well-being and their family’s well-being.

A few years later, they…

People are seeing the systemic oppressions bolded.

Photo taken by Tumisu | May 14th 2019

With the current climate of our conversation revolving around racial injustices in this country, many people are willing to hear the stories of all types of minorities and their struggles. There is now officially a movement of corporate companies willing to hire underrepresented groups of minorities and realizing there is an issue. But personally, there should’ve been more efforts on behalf of these companies to bring representation for minorities.

According to CNBC, “But statistics also show the lack of progress among the corporate workforce. …

Carly Henriquez

Upcoming Journalist writing about her interests and her insightful experiences. Production Assistant at MSNBC news.

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