How I Obtained an Entry-Level Job at NBCUniversal During a Global Pandemic

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NBC and MSNBC Studios | Photo taken by Carly D. Henriquez

The worst feeling during these times is the uncertainty of your health, finances, and career endeavors. I finished my last year of college through a computer screen and I simultaneously obtained an entry-level job for one of the largest broadcast news networks.

Let me show you how I managed to do it.

Securing an entry-level job right after college doesn’t land on anyone’s lap without their being hard work advancing you towards that goal. You might assume you can start applying for entry-level job positions since you have a degree and all of the doors should be open for you however this is probably the largest misconception. There are a multitude of steps that must come before obtaining a job and that is to gain experience before graduating with a sprinkle of networking.

During my Fall semester of my senior year, I was advised by my professors to take advantage of the free equipment, resources, and clubs/activities in order to help gain experience. Getting involved on campus and with the community has helped me tell build my portfolio and allowed me to make mistakes and learn from them as I move forward.

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(Left to right) Carly D. Henriquez and Grace Rowland co-anchoring for Montclair State University ‘News Lab’ Photo taken by Katie Cameron

Involving yourself with the school’s newspaper, broadcast channel, radio station, and work on meaningful projects elevated my skills and made me a promising candidate for internships.

This became the turning point from school experience to ‘real-world’ applicable experience. As you can already tell by now, it’s a slow progression of continuous work and effort. The amount of time and dedication you put into your work will reflect the outcome of your award.

After these fundamental building blocks were cemented and my personal experience brought me a sense of confidence and security, I decided to take those next steps and apply to NBC News and MSNBC internship opportunity.

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Anchor producing ‘Weekends with Alex Witt’ on MSNBC | Photo taken by Omnika Thompson

I was fortunately accepted and proved that I am a capable journalistic contributor for the team which initiated their interest into hiring me towards the end of my internship experience.

When the pandemic was beginning to change our world, I had a sense of urgency and knew I needed to secure my entry-level job offer. During that time in March, there was a plethora of uncertainty and job loss because companies large and small were losing money to pay their employers and so on.

Being proactive in making connections during my time at my internship, being hard working, and showing your interest in learning new skills can truly set you apart from the competition.

As of now, I am working from home and working with various different teams on MSNBC. It’s a completely different experience if I were to work in the city with my colleagues, however, I am very fortunate to have a stream of income and a sense of security during these times.

One major slice of life lesson that I hope you take away from this piece is that no matter the circumstances or timing — when an opportunity is meant for you no pandemic can stop the course of its forthcoming.

Upcoming Journalist writing about her interests and her insightful experiences. Production Assistant at MSNBC news.

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