Underrepresentation in the Workforce is Intertwined with Education

People are seeing the systemic oppressions bolded.

Photo taken by Tumisu | May 14th 2019

With the current climate of our conversation revolving around racial injustices in this country, many people are willing to hear the stories of all types of minorities and their struggles. There is now officially a movement of corporate companies willing to hire underrepresented groups of minorities and realizing there is an issue. But personally, there should’ve been more efforts on behalf of these companies to bring representation for minorities.

According to CNBC, “But statistics also show the lack of progress among the corporate workforce. According to data from human resources consulting company Mercer, 64% of workers in entry-level positions are white.”

Companies are now putting in the effort into funding for diversity, however, why did it take so long to initiate these actions? Unfortunately, the lack of diversity became normalized by society, and minorities such as myself have grown to watch a society ignore us.

The socioeconomic status is divided more than ever, especially in the workforce. Multiple million dollar deals have been pledged and funded on behalf of corporate companies willing to invest in anti-discrimination programs against groups of minorities. However, their actions are a result of the #BlackLivesMatter protests after the death of George Floyd. As a business, they understand that there will be a loss in profit if they don’t respond accordingly. Which explains the stagnant increase of representation of minorities in several companies throughout the years.

In 2020 there are only 3.2% African Americans of senior leadership positions at large companies, according to the Center for Talent Innovation.

From my personal experience, I found it easier to express my thoughts and ideas with colleagues who are also minorities. There’s this unspoken unity and relatability to these ongoing systemic problems both in the workforce or within their communities. It’s relieving to know that many people are noticing the “lack thereof” when it comes to people of color, however, further actions are necessary for all aspects of our society.

Starting with the basic fundaments of our education system where students of a lower income bracket have underfunded institutions and as a result begins the first separation of the system. The division begins to pile on, one after another, where students who are hardworking and driven can’t participate in higher education due to their financial circumstances; which closes the door to entry-level jobs which require students to have at least a bachelor’s degree.

Our entire education system needs to improve just as much as our corporate companies need to collaborate on tackling these issues. Systemic oppression affects education, social class, criminalization in this country, and our representation in the media.

As content media professionals or participants of society, it is our obligation to accurately depict every group of minorities without a biased agenda that can potentially harm their culture and values.

Upcoming Journalist writing about her interests and her insightful experiences. Production Assistant at MSNBC news.

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