What to Expect from the Latest iPhone 12

We’re only hours away from Apple’s virtual event, in which they will announce their latest and most innovative iPhone to date.

Apple Event Official Invitation | Photo by Apple

The event will take place on October 13th, 2020 at 10 a.m. PST or 1 p.m. EST. You can watch their live stream on Apple’s website. For the average tech enthusiast, many of you have already seen rumors online of four different phones that will allegedly be announced tomorrow. But which one will be right for you?

iPhone 12 mini — Affordable & Small

That’s right, Apple will bring out an entirely new iPhone line called ‘mini.’ The phone will feature a 5.4-inch screen, it’ll support 5G connectivity, and the phone will come in five different colors: red, black, white, blue, and green. The storage options will start with 64GB and go up to 256GB but it will only come with only dual-cameras. But the starting price will be $699, according to The Verge.

The iPhone 12 mini will be one of the more affordable phones out of the entire lineup and if you’re looking to switch from your old iPhone 6s/7 then this would be the perfect upgrade as long as you don’t mind the 5'4-inch screen.

iPhone 12 — Well-Rounded Flagship Phone

The next phone in the lineup would be the iPhone 12 — it offers similar specs to the iPhone 12 mini however the screen size is 6.1-inches and the price starts at $799. According to the new leaks from Kang, he predicts that the phone will be ready for pre-order on October 16th or 17th and will release in-stores on October 23rd or 24th.

iPhone 12 Pro — Triple Lens Camera & Powerful

The 6.1-inch iPhone 12 Pro is predicted to start at $999 with a much larger storage space from 128GB to 512GB. The phone will appear to come in four elegantly new colors — gold, silver, graphite, and blue.

The cameras and exterior design are going to be the major selling points. It’s rumored to have three cameras — it’ll include a triple rear camera, an optical 4x zoom telephoto lens and a LIDAR sensor.

The phone will be ready for pre-order on October 16th or 17th — the same as the iPhone 12.

iPhone 12 Pro Max — $1,099 Starting Price

With similar camera specs, the iPhone Pro Max will offer an optical 5x zoom telephoto lens and the screen-size will come in at 6.7-inches. The starting price for this phone will come in at $1,099 and pre-ordering the phone will start on November 13th or 14th.

Now that we have a spec-sheet for the new iPhones, which one should you consider purchasing?

  • Well, if you own an iPhone X, XS, XR, and 11/11 Pro, I would hold off until the next one where there’s a major change with the screen resolution or processor. Chances are your phone works perfectly fine and is more than capable of handling your day-to-day needs.
  • The iPhone 12 mini is mainly advertised for users that love a smaller screen-sized and want the latest processors that Apple can offer on a smartphone.
  • Given its price point, the iPhone 12 will be the best phone for the average user. It will have the latest A14 bionic chip and a large 6.1-inch screen size for your smartphone.
  • If you’re someone who needs to have the latest and greatest flagship phone in the market then the iPhone 12 Pro Max is the one for you. It will most certainly have a hefty price tag on it and if paying $1,099 doesn't hurt your budget then this phone could be just right for you. Knowing Apple, the cameras will definitely be worth your wild and meet your expectations.

However you decide to make your purchasing decisions there will definitely be a plethora of options out there after tomorrow’s Apple event and even if you don’t need a new iPhone the temptation will be there.

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