Why I’m Deciding to Start a Youtube Channel in 2020

Using the skills and knowledge I’ve gained from college and make the most out of it.

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Unsplash | Photo taken by Micheile Henderson

The technological advantages have opened up the potential for many people to formulate multiple streams of income from their own homes. The options and possibilities are endless!

From creating your own passionate start-up business, selling items on Etsy, eBay, Facebook Marketplace, and so forth. Investing in stock, constructing your courses and selling your knowledge in a particular skill-set, and starting your brand as an influencer via social media platforms.

The opportunities provided via our internet connection can open a plethora of doors and connections. At this current moment, I have one source of income which is earning income. Earned income is defined as money derived from labor work which requires your time. However, during my quarantine period,

I realized that I should diversify my source of income and stop thinking of profit as:

Time + Labor = Profit.

Having this changed mindset has made me determined to find various outlets to express both my creativity, use the skills that I’ve acquired from college, and make revenue differently.

This is why starting a Youtube Channel fits perfectly with my aspirations and financial goals. It’s as the cliché metaphor goes, “kill two birds with one stone.”

In return, I hope this read has unleashed a stronger sense of curiosity in diversifying your income and make the most out of your skills and experiences.

Upcoming Journalist writing about her interests and her insightful experiences. Production Assistant at MSNBC news.

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